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How Does Mobile Attic Compare to Other Mobile Storage Solutions? 

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Though Pods® has been a notable player in the portable storage industry for years, their epoch of dominance appears to be over. Outshining them is Mobile Attic, a company that pairs unrivaled customer service with unbeatable pricing. Our commitment goes beyond merely matching competitor prices — we exceed them. We believe that affordability shouldn’t obstruct your access to our distinctive service — Convenience with Compassion. If you procure a lower quote from PODS® for similar container size and delivery specifications, we pledge to undercut the quote by 5%. This ensures you receive high-quality service without breaking the bank. As a locally-owned enterprise, we deeply value our community, recognize you as an integral part of it. Tap the link below to discover why Mobile Attic is the paragon of both premium and economical solutions in the portable self-storage sector!

Mobile Attic vs PODS®:
Experience an Economical Solution with Superior Quality

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Mobile Attic


Lowest Price Guarantee

Most Weather-Resistant Containers on the Market

Constructed With Aluminum, Steel, and Fiberglass, Hindering Mold and Mildew

No Translucent Top to Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

Cool-Temperature Technology (Helps Decrease Humidity)

Locally Owned and Operated

Most Flexible Placement

Convenient eTrack TM Strapping System